Keynote lecture 1 by Dr. Martin Šala



Martin Sala

Martin Šala (National Institute of Chemistry Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Dr. Martin Šala is affiliated with the National Institute of Chemistry in Slovenia. He earned his MSC in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, followed by a PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Ljubljana. Following his PhD, he was honored with a JSPS Fellowship for a postdoctoral tenure at Meisei University in Tokyo, Japan. His research during this period centered on a project exploring a novel MS ionization source, Li+ IAMS. Prior to joining the Institute, he dedicated time to the University of Pardubice, contributing to research in ion mobility MS. At present, his research pursuits primarily revolve around the fundamentals and applications of LA-ICP-MS, as well as the hyphenation of ICP-MS. Martin has co-authored over 100 scientific articles, showcasing his extensive contribution to the field.