Gala dinner and party

The Oude Vismijn is one of the oldest fish markets in Belgium. It is characterized by a monumental gatehouse and open-air stables and is located next to the Gravensteen (“Caste of the Counts”), the only remaining medieval castle in Flanders built in 1180. Since 1366, the fish market was located at Groentenmarkt, a square in the historic center of Ghent, but it was moved to its current location in 1689. The river Lys runs to the south of the Oude Vismijn while Lieve, the first canal between Ghent and the North Sea (dug between 1251 and 1269), runs to the west.

The Oude Vismijn building was renovated in 2007 and now serves as an event hall in which our Gala dinner will take place. You will be welcomed on the large outdoor terrace with a view of the water and the city center for an aperitif. The dinner will take place in two charming rooms. After dessert, we will retire to the adjacent room, where the DJ will start a party and we will burn the additional calories.