Keynote lecture 2 by Prof. Gunda Koellensperger



Prof. Gunda Köllensperger (University of Vienna, Austria)

Gunda Köllensperger (University of Vienna, Austria)

Prof. Dr. Gunda Koellensperger holds the chair for Analytical Chemistry at the University Vienna. Currently she is vice dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and vice president of the Austrian Society of Analytical Chemistry. She is an expert in methods based on mass spectrometry, multidimensional chromatography and stable isotopes with more than 190 publications. Her research envisages the development of innovative omics-type analytical tools in the interdisciplinary fields of metallomics and metabolomics research. In metallomics, the group develops quantitative high throughput methods for ultratrace analysis of elements and elemental species in biological samples. A major focus is on single cell analysis. By integrating mass cytometry, the ultimate goal is to assess the single cell ionome together with cell functionality/cell state.